At Salcombe Brewery we take great passion in raising the tides of quality beers using sustainable brewing methods mixed with the best locally sourced ingredients where possible. Bringing a quality as consistent as the Salcombe tides and a taste as refreshing as the sea air.

Supporting our people, our community and our local environment is at the core of everything we do.

Our vision

To be recognised for our passion for producing the highest quality crafted beverages by taking pride in sustainable methods that look after our people, our community, and our local environment.

Our Values

Consistency in every drop

Right at the core of our business is a passion for producing the best beer possible, in the right way.  We go above and beyond in everything we do to limit our impact on the environment and give our consumers the best refreshing experiences.

Pride in provenance & people

We are proud of our provenance and believe in promoting our community, supporting its people and the local environment through creating opportunities, sourcing local ingredients and using sustainable methods where possible.

Creating an even keel

We believe in creating an even balance in everything we do. From producing finely balanced beers with consistency and quality at their heart, to our impact on the environment by doing the right thing and doing it well. We want to create a stable and balanced environment for all, with all the right values that are true to ourselves.

Salcombe style

Our beers are about creating unique experiences for our consumers, bringing them the idyllic Salcombe way of life with every sip. Enjoying good times with friends and family and giving them a taste of the Salcombe sunshine.