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On a beautiful day in July 2011, John Tiner and his wife Gerry were in the process of moving house from from Surrey to Hope Cove, near Salcombe, where they had spent their family holidays for the previous 35 years. As they walked through the village Gerry suggested that they had a drink on the terrace of a local hotel before lunch. When the owner bought John a pint of his Shingle Bay he explained that the brewery had been experiencing problems and could close leaving the area without a local brewery. John was distraught. He had enjoyed the breweries refreshing, clean, hoppy ales for a number of years.

Such was John’s passion for cask ale he decided to buy the brewery to save the brand and the beer!

Since then John has had a vision to create a new larger brewery business which engages the natural beauty of the area, with new high quality beers and marques and to showcase them under The Salcombe Brewery company.

The new Salcombe Brewery, which is now commissioned, is a unique concept based on a decommissioned water reservoir utilising the ambient temperature of the underground facility and solar heating, making the brewery as energy efficient as possible. The brewhouse, built on the footprint of the reservoir near Kingsbridge, overlooking the Salcombe Ria and the beautiful South Hams, is a great place for both local and visiting customers to enjoy.

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